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Training Opportunities:

Specialty Teams 

Roanoke Fire-EMS values continued education through station training while on shift and also specialty team training in order to be best prepared to serve the community. Our specialty teams respond to an average of 50 calls per year. These calls are often high risk / low frequency incidents.

Swift Water Training

Swift Water 

This team responds to surface or swift water incidents where a subject is in distress. With the Roanoke River running directly through the City, personnel are often called for vehicles in the river, recreational swimmer/kayaker in distress, or recovery operations. Our team is a state resource that can be utilized to respond to national incidents, like the Texas flooding in 2018. 

Heavy Technical Rescue

This team responds to complex rescue incidents that normal companies do not have the resources to mitigate. Examples of calls where HTR would be dispatched include building collapse, vehicle into a building causing structural instability, trench rescue, advance vehicle stabilization/ extrication of crash victims, and confined space rescue.

Heavy Tactical Rescue Training
Hazmat Training

Hazardous Materials

This team identifies and mitigates hazardous incidents impacting lives, property, and the environment. It is part of the VDEM Region 6 Hazardous Materials Team that deploys state-wide for hazardous emergency incidents. 

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