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Starting Salary

Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician- $43,800

Firefighter II/Emergency Medical Technician-$45,050
Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician- Intermediate $47,700
Firefighter/Paramedic- $50,685

Employee Benefits

Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Paid Leave, Extended Illness, Funeral Leave, Military Leave and Holiday Leave.

If you are considering pregnancy or breast feeding and you are worried about the job, Roanoke Fire-EMS has an alternate duty policy that you may utilize for pregnancy.  You and your doctor will determine what is best for you whether it is staying in the operational field or being assigned to an alternate light duty position the alternate duty policy allows for such.  In addition, breast feeding is covered under federal law and accommodations will be made to ensure you are allowed to accomplish your goal.

Opportunities for Growth

Roanoke Fire-EMS seeks a diverse and inclusive workforce.  Candidates considering the job will gain experience using tools, equipment and resources in our department and gain a wide array of skills that will help them grow within the organization.  Throughout your career you will not be limited.  There are vast promotional opportunities within our organization.  Our ranks include entry level firefighter, Firefighter II,  Lieutenant, 1st Lieutenant, Captain, Battalion Chief, Deputy Chief and Chief all positions are based on your ability to apply your knowledge, skill and leadership qualities.


Our department also has a vast array of specialty teams that you can get involved in including Recruitment and Retention, Fire Cause and Origin Investigation Team, Regional Hazardous Materials Team, Heavy Tactical Rescue Team and Swift Water Rescue Team.


Pension Plan

Eligible employees contribute 5% of salary and choose between participating in a traditional defined benefit plan or a hybrid program. Employees vest in the employer component of either plan upon completing five (5) years of service.
Defined Benefit Pension Plan: Normal retirement after 55th birthday, and when combination of age and creditable service equals 85; or, 65th birthday if completed at least five years of creditable service. For sworn officers in Police and Fire/EMS, normal retirement after 50th birthday, and when combination of age and service equals 75; or, 65th birthday or older with 5 years of creditable service. An annual retirement benefit equals 2.0% of salary (based on an average of the highest five years) times the number of creditable years with a maximum of 63%. Early retirement options are available and reductions may apply based on age and service.
Hybrid Program: Provides the characteristics of the traditional pension plan with that of a deferred compensation plan. The pension plan provides an annual benefit equaling 1% of salary (based on an average of the highest five years) times the number of creditable years with a maximum of 63%. The deferred compensation component provides for the employee contribution to be deposited in an account directed by the member. The combination of the two components is structured to provide approximately the same actuarial benefit as the Defined Benefit Pension Plan. International City Management Association - Retirement Corporation (ICMA-RC) provides the third party administration of this deferred compensation plan for participating employees.


Retirement Health Savings Plan

Employees eligible to participate in the City’s pension plan  also participate in a Retirement Health Savings Plan.   This plan requires an employee to contribute 1% of their compensation and is matched by a 1% contribution from the City.   The matching contribution has a five (5) year vesting schedule.   This account provides for a pre-tax deduction and allows employees  upon separation from to withdraw funds for qualified medical expenses.   Participation in this plan provides for dollars to be deferred on a pre-tax basis, earnings grow on a tax-free basis, and upon withdrawal, for qualified medical expense, spent on a tax-free basis. 


457  Deferred Compensation Plan

The city sponsors a 457  plan allowing employees, on a voluntary basis ,to save on a pre or post tax basis for retirement.   This account does restrict access while employed based on Internal Revenue Service regulations. 

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