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Physical Agility Test

 Passing the Physical Agility Test is essential  to become eligible for your first round interview. Although you can attempt the test multiple times, it is important to prepare through strength and cardiovascular conditioning as early as possible.

Below is a video that demonstrates the entire test station by station along with guidelines and tips 

The Day of your Physical Test

Watch the Test Video provided to gain full understanding of what is expected

Be sure to drink plenty of water

Get plenty of sleep the night before

 Test Preparation


Swimming, Biking, Running, and HIIT workouts are all great ways to strengthen your heart and lungs. Finding a location with a few flights of stairs (or a stair climber) and adding weight to simulate firefighter PPE is one of the best ways to prepare. 

Strength Training and Functional Movement

It is important to explore different kinds of strength training in order to condition for the academy. Each challenge you encounter in the field requires different strength skills. Some calls will require lifting patients, pulling ladders, or pushing for forcible entry. A diverse, well rounded strength program will best prepare you for real life scenarios.  


Establish a dynamic warm-up and cool-down routine. This will help prevent possible injuries in the future. Find a flow that you can consistently work through to improve durability and overall wellness.

Consistency and self discipline are crucial regardless of which training program you commit to in order to begin
your firefighting career.
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