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Courtesy, Compassion & Commitment

The application period for the 2020 Academy is now open!

You can apply for a full time position at:


In order to be a candidate for a full time firefighter/EMT or full time firefighter/ALS position with the City of Roanoke you must:

  1. Apply to the City of Roanoke go to www.roanokeva.gov/jobs and look for the posting for FULL TIME FIREFIGHTER/EMT

  2. Candidates are required to take a written general knowledge test or have successfully passed the written test within the last 3 years (2016-2019).

    1. Written test will be offered September 10, October 8, November 12 and December 10, 2019 at the Roanoke Police Academy located at 5401 Barns Road, Roanoke.  Once you have applied to Roanoke Fire-EMS you will receive an email with a link to register for the written test, make sure to follow the instructions in the email to link to the test site registration.   If test sites are full you may call (540) 777-8713 to register for the written test being offered of December 6th at 6pm at the Roanoke Regional Fire-EMS Training Center located at 1220 Kessler Mill Road Salem, VA

    2. For those candidates who have a valid written test within the last 3 years, call      (540) 777-8713 and let them know you have a valid card then move on to step 3 below.

  3. Prepare yourself and begin conditioning for the CPAT test.  Visit https://www.firerescue1.com/health/articles/step-mill-training-for-the-cpat-IxcxWlyGdJQmfzXQ/ for valuable information to aid you in preparing, many area gyms (Carilion Athletics BAC/RAC, Gold's, Planet Fitness, Greenridge Rec Center, Anytime Fitness, YMCA, etc) have stepper machines that can be programmed using a CPAT code to simulate what it will be like on test day.  Attend the CPAT Orientation, this is optional but highly recommended. 

    1. Orientation is Saturday, October 5th or Sunday, October 6th as scheduled at the Roanoke Regional Fire-EMS Training Center located at 1220 Kessler Mill Road Salem, VA. To register call (540) 777-8713, registration begins September 3, 2019 and closes October 4, 2019.

  4. Successfully complete the CPAT test or hold a valid CPAT card with a date no longer than 1 year old (any date between December 8, 2018-December 8, 2019 is considered valid).  CPAT testing opportunities are December 8-11 as scheduled and will be held at the Berglund Civic Center Special Events Center 710 Williamson Road Roanoke, VA.  You must register by calling (540) 777-8713 no later than December 5, 2019.

    1. For those candidates who have a valid CPAT card, call (540) 777-8713 to be scheduled for an interview then move on to step 5 below.

  5. All candidates will be required to attend the psychological testing session on December 10, 2019 at 6pm.  The psychological test will be held at the Roanoke Regional Training Center located at 1220 Kessler Mill Road Salem, VA, no registration is required.

  6. Candidates that have completed steps 1-5 successfully will be scheduled for an interview.  Interviews will be conducted December 11-17, 2019 as scheduled at the Roanoke Regional Training Center located at 1220 Kessler Mill Road Salem, VA.

  7. Notification will be made by phone to those moving forward to second round interview.  Second round interviews will be conducted January 6-10, 2020.

    1. Candidates moving to second round interviews will be expected to complete a pre-employment packet.

  8. Those selected for employment will be notified by phone on January 13, 2020.

  9. Tentative start date for academy is Feb. 24, 2020




What is the Candidate Physical Agility Test (CPAT)?


Preview what it's like.......







Roanoke Fire-EMS is a full-service fire and emergency medical service agency providing basic and advanced pre-hospital life support, fire prevention and education programs fire suppression services, arson detection, vehicle extrication, and heavy technical rescue. It also supports a regional hazardous materials team. In addition to housing firefighting and EMS personnel and apparatus, fire-EMS stations are neighborhood resources. Fire-EMS personnel at these sites help distribute important city documents, teach children about fire safety, and provide a safe place for lost children and adults.

Our department operates 11 stations with  10 fire engines, 4 ladder trucks, 8 ambulances, 2 part time ambulance units, and 3 supervisor vehicles(Battalions, RS-1) 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  We serve an urban resident population of approximately 99,000 in an area of 43 square miles, and answers over 28,000 fire and EMS runs annually.  For department statistics, click here.

Roanoke Fire-EMS holds a Class 1 rating from the Insurance Service Organization, the highest rating you can receive, and one of only 132 nation wide. This rating helps our community by bringing lower insurance rates to homeowners and businesses. Roanoke Fire-EMS is also an Internationally Accredited Agency through the Centers for Public Safety Excellence(CPSE) and the Commission on  Fire Accreditation International(CFAI). 

To apply click here https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/roanoke




We are looking for diverse candidates that reflect the community we that serve. 


If you are 18 years or older and you are interested in a rewarding career serving the community and the public then:

  1. Apply!                                                                                        Visit https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/roanoke

  2. Take a written general knowledge test.

  3. Train and physically prepare yourself for the CPAT test.

  4. Attend the CPAT Orientation.

  5. Successfully complete the CPAT test.

  6. Take the psychological test.

  7. Interview.

  8. Become a member of our team!

Sample Shift Calendar

  • A Shift: Green
  • B Shift: Red
  • C Shift: Gray


This video explains and demonstrates our mandatory CPAT procedures.  


The Roanoke Valley Regional Fire-EMS Recruit School is a partnership between Roanoke Fire-EMS, Roanoke County Fire & Rescue, Salem Fire-EMS and Botetourt Fire & EMS.  This 19 week school teaches the cadet the basics of fire-EMS including but not limited to:

  • Firefighter 1 & 2

  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

  • Intro to Technical Rescue

  • HAZMAT Awareness

  • Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC)


To the left you will see a video that Recruit School 19 produced to represent their time in the Recruit Academy. Get a glimpse of what your experience as a firefighter/EMT will be like in the academy. 





1.  Do you have to have experience to apply for firefighter/EMT?

No experience required.

2.  How old do you have to be to apply?

You must be 18 years old before the start of the academy.

3.  What about my driving record.....will that keep me from being considered?

You must have a valid Virginia Drivers License upon being hired and you must have a good driving record.

4.  Do you do a background check?

Yes....we do background checks on every candidate.  You cannot have a felony on your record. 

5.  How long is the academy?  Do I get paid while in the academy?

The academy lasts approximately 4 months and is held Monday-Friday from approximately 7am-5pm at the Roanoke Valley Regional Fire-EMS Training Center.   You will be paid while in the academy and all of your gear needed will be provided. 

6.  I already have my EMT....do I need to complete the EMT portion during the academy?

Depends....if you have your EMT from out of state, then yes - you must obtain your Virginia EMT.  If you are an EMT-I or Paramedic, you will do a ride along during the EMT portion of the academy.

7.  Can I do a ride along before being hired?

YES! Doing a ride along with a station is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  You can schedule a ride along by contacting Roanoke Fire-EMS Administration at (540)853-2327.

8.  What is the starting salary for a firefighter/EMT or firefighter/EMT-I/PM?

See current job posting for latest salary information.

9.  What is the work schedule like?

Roanoke Fire-EMS works 24 hour shifts, with 3 shifts (A,B,C).  For an example of the schedule, click here.