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Emergency Medical Services

Our EMS personnel have the opportunity to operate in a fast paced Advanced Life Support environment that utilizes aggressive and advanced ALS care including RSI, Zoll mechanical ventilators, Bipap, Lucas CPR devices, etc. Our providers respond to approximately 24,000 EMS calls per year.

The department operates under the directions of an active Operational Medical Director who strives to provide critical care to patients at point of injury. This is accomplished through state-of-the-art equipment, critical care training, and advanced skills as well as a robust Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement program.

Through our EMS training division personnel receive all required Continuing Education to maintain EMS certifications. Our providers have the opportunity to advance their training up to the Paramedic level at no cost to the employee and while being compensated for all classroom and clinical hours.  Opportunities for advancement are also available.

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