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 Details for the Application Process

  • Apply.
    • Submit an application to JOBS during the application period NOW through September 4, 2023

  •  Successfully complete the written general knowledge test.
    • Shortly after applying you will receive an email from the City of Roanoke you should follow the instructions in the email to schedule a written test with the City.

      • This is a GENERAL knowledge test and there is really no way to prepare.  Come to the test site, take your time and READ the material in the written test packet, then take the exam.  The test is based on your ability to understand, comprehend and retain materials provided the day of the test in the pretest packet.

    • For those candidates who have applied in the past and have a passing written written test with a date of 2020-2023, contact our office at 540-853-2324 to move on to the next step. 

  • Successfully Complete the PAT test.
    • If you have successfully passed the IAFF:CPAT Certified Test and it shows a date between October 1, 2022-October 1, 2023, or if you possess a passing Roanoke Regional PAT score, please contact our office!

    • See the video and attachments for what the Physical Ability Test (CPAT) entails.

    • Candidates are offered a total of 3 timed sessions for the PAT testing process.

      • All candidates have the opportunity to perform two (2) timed practice runs, if the candidate passes the PAT test during a practice session, this attempt can be counted as a successful pass.

      • If a candidate gets to the third timed session and does not pass on the third attempt, no other opportunities will be provided.  ​

        • Dates for the PAT Testing will be provided to you once a valid application is on file.

          • You must be scheduled for PAT in a specific time slot.

          • Registration information will be provided to candidates directly to the email they provided on their application.

  •  Interviews.

    • All candidates that have successfully completed the written and PAT will be scheduled for an interview.  

    • Complete the psychological exam. 
    • Following your first interview you will take the psychological test, this is a written test and takes approximately 2 hours to complete.  There is no preparation material for this test.

  •  Notification.

    • Those selected for employment will be notified by phone.






We recommend.....

Begin physically conditioning yourself for the candidate physical abilities test (PAT) using the workout guide found here in PDF. 

                                                What is the 'new' Physical Agility Test (PAT)?

As of June 2023, we are now utilizing the Roanoke Regional Firefighter Physical Agility Test.  The video below explains and demonstrates our PAT procedures.




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